Bad credit =no problem

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

With Bank of america and other finance companies you can lower your payments.
It is best to get the ball rolling as it does take a while to get refinanced.
Also only 1 in 4 households will get refinanced and keep from fileing bankruptcy.
You can check Bank of America's rates right here by just checking or clicking on their site in the google ads to the left or in other ad spaces on this site.
Thank you for reading my blog and do not forget to check deals of refinance before it is too late.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

We refinance home loans

At we finance home loans you can get a great rate if you are at 4.99% or higher.
The Government has gave the banks the go ahead to refinance millions of homeowners who are struggling with their payments.
What you will need to do first is have your credit checked with the big three credit bureaus.Pay any back debt you can,and check for mistakes they have made.
Thank you and may you keep your home,as it is a very upsetting thing to have to pull up roots and move.Also very stressful on children as well having to find new friends and go to different schools.